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BOW WOWSERS! My mom says I have 5 stars on my book!

It is in digital and paper form!


90% of all the proceeds from my book, ROCKY THE RESCUE -- A Collection of His Rescue Tales, will go to help my fellow doggie friends and other charities, including and others!  

HERE'S ONE REVIEW... so many more on Amazon!

Jane Park Smith’s  book ROCKY THE RESCUE reminds us that life is about joy and happiness .  There is no better messenger and reminder of this message than Jane’s cute little puppy named “Rocky Bear Smith”.  Often it’s the little things in life that give us insight into life’s true meaning. In this case, a little rescue puppy.  A series of short meditations, this book is a reminder to stop whining, slow down, wag your tail and sniff everything.  If “All Dogs Go to Heaven”, so can you.  --Dan Schneider,  Esq.

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--And a note from the publishing company:
Rocky the Rescue as the book mentioned above, as a character, and a living, performing canine are part of A Believing Company LLC and it's services rendered for the express purpose for helping others enjoy living their purpose in life forged by weathering life storms and staying focused on that greater call within.  How?  GIVE THANKS - GET HAPPY is the company's signature slogan and the heart of all the company offers.  Visit WWW.ABELIEVINGCOMPANY.COM .
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